India and the West

India is home to one of the oldest, most enduring and idiosyncratic civilizations. Birthplace of many religious and cultural traditions. Today, however, it finds itself under the symbolic power of the West. This Western dominance can be designated into four elements: Anglo-Saxon, Nazi, Zionist and the Vatican.

The role of the Anglo-Saxon

The idea here is not to demonize the Anglo-Saxon. One must consider the British Empire was the largest empire this world has ever (unfortunately) seen. As such, its influence, whether positive or negative, is inevitably far-reaching. The consequences of British-East Indies Company control can be summed up in the following words:

The advent of the famous drain of wealth from India started with the East India Company not the Delhi Sultanate or the Mughals. (…)

In the 18th century, India had overtaken China as the largest economy in the world.

In 1952, India’s GDP was 3.8 per cent. “Indeed, at the beginning of the 20th century, “the brightest jewel in the British Crown” was the poorest country in the world in terms of per capita income” (If Mughals did not loot India, what exactly was their contribution to India?)

The Anglo-Saxons are responsible for pulling India literally from the very top to the very bottom. More or less in the same period, around 19th century fin de siécle decadence and Victorian global domination, there appeared such people as Cecil Rhodes, a foremost supporter of Anglo-Saxon supremacism.

These British-born ideas, along with other ones such as eugenics, Malthusianism and social Darwinism – not to mention liberalism – all appeared as corollaries serving the ultimate aims of the British Empire: planetary plutocratic and oligarchic control. They did not appear in Hitler’s Germany out of the blue, as though the Nazis had simply concocted everything in a few years. This notwithstanding, it was through “Germanic brotherhood”  such racism took shape:

“Anglo-Teutonic” is an interesting denomination. According to the image, Celts and Iberians are related to “negroes” and other “inferior peoples”. These ideas had been simmering in England way before they did in Germany, Scandinavia and the United States. Yes, in the homeland of free trade, liberalism and human rights.

And that is all ironic because, whichever manner defined, it is a fact that “Aryans” – understood in the broadest sense possible – have suffered deeply at the hands of the Anglo-Teutonic element (Anglo-Saxons plus Nazis). Compiling a non-exhaustive historical list cannot be that difficult:

  • Celtic populations in the British Isles were one of the first victims of the Anglo-Saxons. The Irish Famine is directly related to British policies.
  • Boer Afrikaners were put in concentration camps and displaced from their lands. They were also subsequently blamed for the apartheid regime, which was far more Anglo-Saxon than Afrikaner.
  • Systematic interference and sabotage against Latin America. For those left dumbfounded here, most of Latin America has a “white” European majority culture.
  • In South Asia, the reduction of one of the most important birthplaces and civilizational manifestations of “Aryan” culture to pebbles – under the name of free trade and the white man’s burden.
  • More recently, by financing and supporting puritannical Islamic extremism, the United States and the West have objectively contributed to the erasure of Indo-European heritage. The Taleban, the Wahhabis, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIL all display varying degrees of Western affiliation.
  • Extreme pressure on Iran – the heart of Persian culture – at least since 1979.
  • NATO-led bombing against Yugoslavia.
  • The invasion of Afghanistan with its subsequent reduction to a global drug producing hub.

It thus follows rather ironically that the most determining force acting against both an Indo-European legacy and what some would call “whiteness” in modern times have been the… Anglo-Saxons. Despite what some Western conservatives, pagans and white nationalists would have us believe.

One should not disregard Jewish influence within the Anglo-American establishment. But to promote the idea “the Saxons would all be benevolent were it not for Jewish subversion” sounds as wishful thinking, not to mention averting responsibility.

As previously stated, a color-based approach mostly has American origins. They appear as a result of identity issues pertaining to the United States and should by no means be universalized. The problems with “white nationalism” are obvious. It is true that whites are a minority on a global level – this is a much wider and complicated discussion. But a color approach easily shows its limitations: for instance, ending up supporting the Anglo-American “white” military machine against “colored people”. Or supporting white Israel against Persian Iran.

With time, a color-based approach can only logically become pro-Abrahamic, as it strengthens the West. All pagan elements therein serve only to promote aggressiveness and destruction against other pagan cultures or cultures resisting the West (such as Islam). This is much clearer in the case of Nazism.

The role of the Nazis

Nazism and correlated movements should be held responsible for culturally appropriating of the svastika and other cultural symbols towards their own nefarious ends. In many senses, a continuation of Anglo-Saxon and Western control.

The following excerpt from Savitri Devi may be helpful to our expository ends. This woman “worked with a synthesis of the metaphysical conception between National Socialism and Hinduism, creating a unique racial-spiritual ideology that proclaimed Adolf Hitler as Avatar of Vishnu.”

Christian missionaries call “Pagans” all those who are neither Christians nor Muslims nor Jews, that is, all those whose religious tradition has no connection with the Bible and Jewish traditions. We accept the word because it is convenient. It points to some kind of similarity between all the non-dogmatic religions of the past as well as those of the present. (…)

Hinduism is a mindset and a perspective on life (…), one of the immemorial pagan cults surviving in the midst of the modern world. Hindus are one of the few modern civilized peoples who are openly pagan.

The Japanese, with their official Shinto ritual, are another example of these peoples. And as one of the leading nations of the modern world, its example is priceless. They magnificently show that, even if it is indispensable to adopt all the new mechanical inventions, in order to compete with other nations and live, yet it is not necessary to adopt the religion and civilization of the inventors wholesale. (…) When India is freed from domestic weakness and foreign domination, it will once again become a world power, so it will, perhaps even better than Japan, bear witness to that kind of truth. (The Human Value in Hinduism)

Paganism, she says, “points to a form of similarity between all non-dogmatic religions of the past and the present”. By dogmatic she means the Abrahamic tradition. All fine and well. What’s interesting, however, are the examples given: India and Japan.

While India may be considered Indo-European, Japan most certainly cannot. Why was Japan mentioned but China was not? Without a doubt, China is not a follower of the Abrahamic tradition. And while it isn’t Indo-European, neither is Japan. One could say Japan was the most paradigmatic example at Devi’s time, but there’s another reason as well.

The reason why the world’s most populous non-Abrahamic civilization is not worth mentioning by the Nazi sympathizer is obvious: because China is nominally communist, it cannot be traditional nor a powerful cultural force vis-à-vis the Abrahamic tradition. Whereas former fascist Japan, despite not being Indo-European, is regarded as an ultimate example of how tradition and modernity are best harmonized.

By seeking to uproot Jewish influence in communism by hook or by crook, right-wingers and fascists – even those who profess support for the Indo-European legacy – neglect how communism might have been the outward shell through which different civilizations resisted against the Judeo-Christian West.

Considering the current geopolitical situation of both India and Japan today, it is evident Savitri Devi’s ideas lead to further Westernization or, sometimes, Germanization – here including the Anglo-Saxons as Germanic. These ideas result not in the strengthening of Indian (or Indo-Aryan, Indo-European etc) culture as intended, but in its submission to the Judeo-Christian West. Therefore, no harmonic traditional-modern India shall appear through these movements, as anti-Abrahamic fascists in fact end up supporting Abrahamism for all practical purposes.

German racism was significantly laced with pagan elements and appeals to pre-Christian mythology, barbarism, and hierarchy. In contrast to Anglo-Saxon “racism,” German racism was more archaic, extravagant, and wild, and this aesthetic contrast in style hid under itself a common historical and geopolitical orientation. The Anglophilia of Hitler is a widely known fact. (Paradigm of the End)

No one should forget these “pro-Aryan”, pro-Indo-European folks also exterminated 25+ million Slavs fighting against the USSR. Therefore, it seems true to say the Anglo-Saxons (in the form of the British and American Empires) and the Nazi Germans (Third Reich) have been systematic conscious adversaries of the Indo-European legacy.

The Nazis praised British “ruthlessness” in building and defending their Empire, which served as a model for the Germans to follow. Above all, the British were admired as an “Aryan” people, who with typical “ruthlessness” subjected millions of brown and black-skinned people to their rule. British rule in India served as a model for how the Germans would rule Russia. (The British Empire. A Blue Print for Nazi-German Expansion)

These are the forces and movements some Western pagans and white nationalists support: the crème de la crème of Judeo-Christian barbarianness. Needless to say, Nazi supremacism distances it from any Indo-European legacy; instead approximating it to, precisely, Judaism. Only a harmonious, coordinated “pagan” strategic partnership can help diminish the overarching influence of the Abrahamic tradition worldwide.

The role of the Vatican

Besides being attached to the colonialist, imperialist and Eurocentric past of the West, the Vatican (headquarters of Western Christianity) is the world’s oldest religious institution in continuous existence. Things last long for either two reasons: when they are really good or when they are really bad…

In most of the West Mother Teresa of Kolkata is a rather famous person – seen as a beacon of solidarity and philanthropy. But Vltchek presents us something different.

A long time ago I visited a place in Calcutta, India, where Mother Teresa used to operate. According to the Catholic Church and Western propaganda apparatus, she was helping the poor.

When I asked those who knew her personally, they described her as a spiteful, vindictive person, with a short temper. Off the record, of course, as to criticizing her openly would be met with great outrage all over the world. (…)

An anti-Communist and staunch Serb-hater, Mother Teresa allegedly asked Bill Clinton to bomb Belgrade, although this information miraculously disappeared from records. (…)

Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong ‘pro-democracy leader’, is clearly a ‘selfie-generation’ Western implant, without any understanding of global politics, and without any profound philosophical agenda. An evangelical fanatic, educated in a private Christian school in Kowloon, he “developed organizational and speaking skills through involvement in church groups”. (Joshua Wong, Juan Guaido, – New Generation of Pro-Western “Saints”)

Whatever one might think of communism, it does seem the “anti-communism” of Western Christianity hid in fact its own desires for global conquest. The role of Christianity within Nazifascism cannot be easily discarded either.

Ante Pavelić, leader of the Ustasa militia, and his protector, the Catholic Archbishop of Zagreb, Mgr. Alojzije Stepinac. The former is considered one of the worst criminals of the Second World War, the latter a Blessed One because of his fight against Titism. (Bolivia, laboratory of a new destabilization strategy)

It is no secret many missionaries have secondary aims as well. While their faith and intentions may be sincere, it is not uncommon to see religious agents in collusion – to varying degrees – with secular forces. Examples of USAID/NED/Radio Liberty funds and resources being given a “little hand” by “humanitarian parishes” worried about “religious freedom” are quite widespread, particularly and coincidentally in geopolitical enemies of the West.

Of course, when the PRC (or any other government for that matter) cracks down on them, it is due to “godless communism” and absence of freedom. Furthermore, after being caught, the perpetrators hypocritically claim the victimized nation is unduly “mixing religion and politics”.

Whatever one’s personal beliefs, it is impossible to segregate a “benevolent Christian conservative West” from Western overall power and accumulated expansionism. These religious forces often go a long way in paving the path for future oligarchic-plutocratic control, not to mention cultural-religious globalism.

The role of Zionism

India’s relation with Zionism is not only the product of techno-informational propaganda. It is the logical result of considering Islam alien to the South Asian cultural sphere, and regarding it as the “common enemy” uniting India and Israel. The chosenism within Indian elite also plays its part, lumping together segregationists of different traditions.

It would not be surprising if in the near future a few chosen Indians became “honorary Jews” or “honorary Israelites”. And that would be another sign of Western material and symbolic control. How exactly could India be fighting Abrahamic forces by allying with the Jews?

Mass media turns the sky green and grass blue. It says peaceful countries like Iran are “ultra-conservative reactionary theocracies” while Israel would be a “liberal-secular parliamentarian democracy”. In fact, the latter is composed of religious supremacist fanatics and the former is one of the most balanced cultures in the Islamic world, harmonizing tradition and modernity.

And while it is true some India’s neighbors may fall prey to Islamic extremism from time to time, Islam is part of the South Asian cultural sphere, so there must always be a way to solve things diplomatically. In fact, religious extremism tends to be bolstered by the West, while more secular anti-imperialist experiments such as Nasser’s Egypt or Khaddafi’s Libya are boycotted and destroyed – this is the West’s modus operandi regardless of religion. Who can say it has not affected Hinduism itself?

All in all, the collective Judeo-Christian West is animated by a messianic evangelizing supremacist zeal against all “heathens” – including against Orthodoxy:

In respect to this, it should be noted the Orthodox (unlike Rome) did not burn alive everyone daring to express the intuitive intelligence resembling the oracles of paganism. In the West, the genetic memory (potential) indicative of intuitive skill born of the Universe’s unity principle had been largely stamped out. The resultant Western ‘split’ became irrevocable; beyond the Heavens and Earth, this split separated the hemispheres of the human brain to the micro-level, and points to a final, literal, dis-integration. (…)

But my own take would be the likely related fascination with unity in Orthodoxy has its roots in pre-Christian beliefs, again noting the Orthodox church, unlike Rome, did not burn alive everyone manifesting intuitive intelligence resembling pagan beliefs. My observation, living in Serbia, is the Orthodox Serb villager is often pagan in custom if not name. And it is herein lie the root of the Western animus to the Orthodox Slav, a subliminal, deep, psychological terror of a unity principle that should reveal the greater Western culture is, in and of itself, incompatible with its’ pretensions. (Letter to the Serbian Patriarch)

Everything can be wrapped up thusly:

The Romano-German world was supposed to complete the “evangelization” of barbarians and heretics (including Orthodox Christians!) to be followed by “paradise on earth” whose picture represents more or less analogously the universal domination of the Vatican (…) In the 16th century, European eschatology found expression in the Reformation and later found its final formal in the Anglo-Saxon Protestant doctrine of the “lost tribes.” This doctrine considers the Anglo-Saxon peoples to be the ethnic descendants of the ten lost tribes of Israel who, according to Biblical history, did not return from Babylonian captivity. Thus, the true Jews, the Israelites, the “chosen people,” are the Anglo-Saxons, the “golden grain” of the Romano-German world who are destined to establish supremacy over all other peoples of the earth in the end times. In this extreme doctrine (…) all of the logic of Europe’s ethnic history is condensed and concentrated, unequivocally confirming the ethnic and cultural universalism of the West’s claims to world dominance. (…) But the roots of this doctrine can be found in the Catholic Middle Ages in the Vatican. (Paradigm of the End)




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